Government Shutdown…Encouraging Anyone?

        Does it ever enter your thoughts that God might be being silent during the current government shutdown? Do you suppose any on Capitol Hill have inquired what the God of the Universe may be thinking? While it would be an easy cop-out to say ‘No,’ I’m sure there are those who may be rising an hour early to read, pray, and meditate. Today, I heard my friend, Sharon Dakin, refer to Habakkuk, one who questioned God and who God answered. She mentioned that on this third day of United States government shutdown, possibly Habakkuk lived in a time similar to ours. You are invited to insert your own description of life in these United States on October 3, 2013. . .

       So why don’t You do something about this? Why are You silent now? …and You stand around and watch! (Habakkuk 2:13 Message) Habakkuk made comments and further questioned God.

        Wouldn’t you know it? God answered him. Write what you see in big block letters so that it can be read on the run…it doesn’t lie. If I seems slow in coming, wait. I will come right on time.(Habakkuk 2:2-3 Message)

        Sharon challenged me to pray for faith to believe God is in control and all His ways will eventually be realized. Pick up any daily newspaper—your choice—to read progress or lack of progress as Capitol Hill continues this impasse. Pick up the Bible, search the three short chapters of Habakkuk to find the final outcome.

       P.S. For the writers reading this, what words is God telling you to write? Maybe you, like me, fritter away the time when we could be encouraging someone.




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