Simply Beautiful…Message of Esther & Women’s Conference

     Simply Beautiful–a conference for women November 15-16 in North Kansas City. Simply Beautiful–physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally-might it be a goal for each of us? How would you rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 this morning? Am I a super shining 10 or a struggling 1? Are the four categories in which beauty is measured the same  or is one more important than the other? Well, I’m sure, it depends on whom you ask. My thought is that any woman who is struggling in one area is also struggling in another. Physically not many of us are recognized beauties, like the Esther story in the Bible, was–but most of us, if we take the time, can look pretty doggone good. Emotionally, this morning, I’m still reeling from thinking I had lost or had stolen my planner–my brain on paper. Delightedly I report it was on the kitchen counter by the phone. Spiritually, I’ve heeded the still, small voice of God to read Scripture prior to all the other ‘important’ works of my day–and yes, today’s reading was Esther 1-6. Mentally, I’d feel better if I’d ‘pick up’ my house, get the remaining bills for this month paid, and prepare for a meeting to be held in my home on October 26. Sometimes it’s better for me to not assess each category with a number–I’m really not that left-brained, but it is calming to see where I think I am and compare it to my impression of what God might want.

     Simply Beautiful, a conference for women, will be held Friday evening, 7:00-9:30 pm, November 15 and Saturday morning 8:00-12:00, November 16, at First Baptist Church of North Kansas City. There will be a wonderful chance to hear other women, just like ourselves, share stories of  life experiences–some great and some not so great. God’s Spirit will be present for each to hear his still, small voice. Word is that there will be wonderful music, good resources, and break out sessions that are “you choose.” Tickets will be $17 for one or $27 for two–so I’m inviting a friend. I love a bargain. Send a comment if you want a ticket or two so I can forward info. Message me on facebook if that is easier.

     Simply Beautiful, a conference for women, will exceed your expectations. Who knows, perhaps you are where you are “for such as time as this.” Esther 4: 14b HCSB

2 thoughts on “Simply Beautiful…Message of Esther & Women’s Conference

  1. Physically – I will go with a 7. Slowly getting back into cardiovascular shape but not at goal yet and I also have some doctor appointments to to get done

    Emotionally – 8, feeling pretty good really

    Spiritually – I am not the most spiritual person in a traditional sense but for my definition I am at 8

    Mentally – 6, I have too much work right now – as usual

    These are good buckets to consider and be conscious of at any given time. Balancing them all can be tough …

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