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Will 2017 Be An Epiphany?


Two days ago Epiphany was celebrated–January 6, the day the Three Kings saw Jesus. The day passed at this house without much fanfare. Yes, the Christian Christmas decorations are still ‘up,’ but I can’t say it was a festival day. I didn’t even have the tree lights on. Nor did I think of epiphany when I read Scripture–this year I’m concentrating on the Bible’s promises, especially those for encouragement and comfort.

Then today, my pastor began his sermon by using the same word–epiphany–and suggested the definition might be where Jesus appears and breaks through in the ‘thin’ places of our lives–where we might feel guilt and/or shame. And are you different than I? I feel guilty of some things I do and some things I wish I had done. Shame’s a bit different for me–but I liked what Pastor Tiger Pennington said, ” It’s always good to do what Jesus says.” So instead of feeling guilty that I should be reading the Bible through again this year, I’ll concentrate on what Jesus says as encouragement and comfort. Hopefully, God may choose to pass some of these words along to others when I include them in conversation.

This word–epiphany–peaks my interest today just two days after the date on the calendar; so much so that I checked several dictionaries to enlarge my thinking. One calls it ‘a flash of insight.” Another calls it ‘a moment when you suddenly feel that you understand, or suddenly become conscious of something that is very important to you. The third dictionary calls epiphany ‘a sudden and striking realization,’ then proceeds to give a second meaning ‘profound understanding,’ and finally a third meaning that says ‘when God appears to someone.” Another called epiphany ‘a profound religious experience.’ Finally, I read this, ‘epiphany often results in a personal feeling of elation, awe, and wonder.’

Isn’t this what I’m after–to know God better and live more fully for Him? Numerous friends on Facebook have posted their descriptor for this new year. I’ve wondered what mine should be–now I know. Won’t it be great to have the expectation that my study, praying, and listening will give me a wider, deeper insight into God’s Word and my life? Yes, that’s it–my word for 2017–Epiphany.







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