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What Color Will You and I Make Today?

You may live where the sun is always shining. Me? I live in Missouri where it is shining hot in the summer, then gray and cold in the winter. I couldn’t help but comment this morning, “How many more gray days are we going to have to take this January?” I’m feeling especially sorry for several friends who have become widows in recent months. The gray days may be ‘doing them in.’

Without exception, each has remarked in her own way, “You know what I’m going through; you’ve been there.” Yes, I’m a widow too, but I don’t know exactly how they feel; each of us experience grief in our own way–and for me it’s been a long time.  The gray part of those first days after having lost one’s best friend do have commonalities.

Just yesterday, I commented to my dear friend, Pat, “I’m not sure where you are, but my thought is that the best you can do right now is to crawl out of bed in the morning, get showered, get dressed, and ‘put one foot in front of the other’ to get through the day.”

What colors am I going to ‘center on’ to replace these gray skies of today?

For one, I’m wearing blue. All of Kansas City has been asked to wear blue to honor the Royals’ pitcher killed in an automobile accident early yesterday in his native Dominican Republic. Today I’m going to let blue signify peace–for both the grieving and those who need it–which is all of us.

Second, I’m going to appreciate the touches of red that add contrast to neutrals that decorate my home. I’ll let red represent courage–the courage some need to face the losses in their life–poor health, broken relationships, and yes, death. Let today be the day I can ‘en’courage another. Is it still true that when one encourages another, he  encourages  himself?

Last, today, I’ll look for bright yellow wherever I go–and be grateful when the sun peeks out from behind the clouds. God speaks words in Isaiah 4:2 (NIV) that fit, “…for you who revere my name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings.”

Dear God, For those who may be seeing gray –because of long winter days or because each needs strength for the sadness–please use these colors to paint our today. Amen



4 thoughts on “What Color Will You and I Make Today?

  1. This is a very encouraging article Zeta, I enjoyed it. My cousin just passed away leaving his wife of many years a widow. I will share this so she can read it and I know she will find it helpful. You are quite a talented writer. Thanks for sharing!

  2. My friend, it is a gray day here in a North Carolina, too. Thank you for your post today. You are still one of the best encourargers I have ever had, and thankful that technology allows you to keep encouraging half way across the country.

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