A Field Trip, A Report, & A Challenge

A Field Trip, A Report, & A Challenge

The privilege–mine. SEALIFE–our destination. Grandma Zeta, that’s me, drove to Crown Center to meet the classes of kindergartners. Cailyn came running to hold my hand. She had informed me the evening before of exactly where, why, and when each kindergartner had to stay with his/her assigned ah-dult. In great detail, she described what had happened other years when a student strayed from the group. I knew I was hearing Mrs. Burton speaking and illustrating to the entire class. After hearing all the ways a five year old could get lost from the group and what might happen, I intervened. “Cailyn, your most important job at all times is to keep me in your sight–so I won’t get lost.” Worked pretty well a generation ago with her mother–so why not use it again.

The plan for after the field trip–Cailyn’s daddy would pick her up at my house when he got off work. Of course when he arrived, “Cailyn, did you have a great time on your field trip?”

“Yes it was so fun and we saw every kind of fish there is; and you know what, Daddy?”

“Grandma Zeta knows the name of every kind of fish!”

“She does–I wonder how she knows that?”

Time for me to intervene–“Cailyn, remember when I would say, ‘God makes so many kinds of beautiful, bright-colored fish,’ then I would tell you what kinds were in each aquarium?”

“There was a sign high on the wall which told the names of the fish and I read it aloud so both of us would know.”  I’m glad to be known as a grandmother who knows much, I chuckle still, but I just couldn’t let her think my scientific knowledge to be so superior.

What lessons can be learned from these two scenarios? If I keep God within eyesight, I will never find myself lost from his care and direction. Second, situations may not be what they seem–no, I didn’t know all the names of all those fish–but I saw where to find out. If I stay close to the source of all wisdom–the Lord Jesus–I will be equipped to handle and, perhaps, help others handle whatever life brings.

     One day as Jesus was walking along the shore beside the Sea of Galilee, he saw two brothers. . .fishing with a net. . .Jesus called out to them, “Come be my disciples and I will show you how to fish for people.” And they left their nets at once and went with him. Matthew 4:16-20 NLT

Are we as ready? Do we listen when we’re taught? Do we know where to find answers?






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