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Abuse-What’s a Person to Do?

Do women get slammed into the wall like they are a sack of potatoes? Do boards get broken over their backs or their heads? Does it really happen like that? SafeHaven’s speaker to groups, Corky McCaffrey, Community Engagement Coordinator for Synergy Services, says it happens to 1 out of 3 women. Yikes! And that’s not even the cursing, demeaning words that have to be experienced. She remarked, “If the anger level could be lowered in relationships, we could put our forty bed shelter out of business.”

The hitting may have happened at least seven to ten times prior to a woman seeking help for the first time. One hit is too many. And what about the children? As an adult, I don’t watch television shows with violence because I see the pictures in my mind for days. Children must have flashbacks for a lifetime. Corky states, “I come into a gracious, happy group to speak and bring the bad news of what goes on; I know you feel I bring doom with me.”

Corky inserts, “I don’t go to the new Pratt Children’s Shelter to work because I want to take the children home with me.” Just in case you are reading this thinking–there are women abusers, too–for every woman who abuses, there are more men many times over.

What can each of us do? What have you done to help an abused family? Share practical ways you and I can help. As I search for what one individual Christian woman can do–I need to know what works. . .And that’s my thought and need for today.

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