Who Can You Help Heal?

Who Can You Help Heal?

Ten first graders looked at the middle schooler lying on the carpet near the center of circled chairs. “Please put each of the colored stickers you hold on Cooper  to show where he might have injuries.” Within a few minutes, he had one-inch dots on his arms, legs, back, head, and feet. You may be anticipating that last week’s Bible Camp story for the day recounted Luke 10 where a man was lying by the side of the road injured near death. Some had passed by, even going to the other side of the road to avoid helping. But one man stopped. . .

“Pretend you are the Samaritan who stopped; place a Band-Aid over each of the wounds if you wish to help.” In a few minutes the middle schooler looked like a three-year-old who had found a new box of bandages and spent an hour sticking them all over himself. Then we read the rest of the story in Luke 10:34-37. What a great way for children to remember the story of The Good Samaritan.

Then yesterday, Tiger Pennington’s sermon from Matthew 10 highlighted Jesus’ instructions to the disciples, “Heal the sick, raise the dead to life . . .”

Most of us think, “Whoa–there’s no way for an ordinary Christian like me to do either.”

The pastor; however, continued, ” The Good News to heal the sick–find ways to heal the broken hearted and the broken souls; to raise the dead–find ways to connect people to the Power Source; let each make our own list of showing others they matter to us and they matter to God.”

“Wow, there may be a way for me to live out Jesus’ charge. ”

What a challenge! What an assignment! Won’t it be wonderful to keep teaching the next generation and to find ways to be ‘sent’ by Jesus to follow His instructions?

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