See God’s World Anew?

Ever had an experience to change the way you looked at nature and the beauty of God’s creation? Happened to me two weeks ago. I wasn’t on a walk in the woods. I wasn’t outside at sunrise or sunset. I wasn’t on vacation in the mountains or by the ocean.

It all happened the evening I sat with a blank white canvas in front of me. At the front of the room, the leader, Leigh explained, “Dip the small piece of dampened kitchen sponge into a bit of blue and then into a bit of white.”

“Imagine the sky; some places are lighter, some are darker–Move your sponge across the canvas.” As she proceeded, the Creator Café group was told to think about what is closer and what is further away. Before I knew it, I used more paint to create sunset and earth-toned landscape.

As that part dried, Leigh Reynolds’ devotional enlightened us. She remarked  how creative God was when he spoke and nature became. Next, we were shown how to brush in clouds, trees and details. One thing about it–while one ‘paints’ on canvas, that’s all to be thought about–mundane happenings of the day vanish.

I pictured myself in the country and brushed in a weathered rural church. A time-worn fence kept it from the pasture beyond.  Far across the field, I imagined a person who worshipped alone. Close to the front on the right, according to instructions, I placed a tree that should have been cut down long ago. Last, I dipped the tiniest brush into solid black and fashioned the cross at the peak of the church.

What has happened since the night two weeks ago? I look at nature a totally different way. I see shades, tints and perspective everywhere I walk or drive. Yes, in my own creation, I think my colors are a little too bright and my scene a little bit ‘stiff.’ But, I cannot now take for granted this incredible beauty of nature I’ve so often ignored.

Thank you, Leigh Reynolds, for Creator Café-Paint and Praise–as you shared your talent. What will it take for you, my dear reader, to see God’s beautiful world anew?



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