What Lesson Can the Eclipse Have?

What Lesson Can the Eclipse Have?

Will you, like me, remember exactly where you were and what you saw on Eclipse 2017, August 21? With official glasses in place, at first I saw nothing. Just as I was ready to say, “There’s nothing there,” there it was–a sliver of dark crossing the edge of the sun.

One in the crowd admonished, “Don’t look more than three minutes at a time.” More than three minutes? The crick in my neck from staring up wouldn’t allow that. Time elapsed–yes, at 1:08 pm the darkness surrounded me and the nearby flood light came on. All was still–then the cheers went up–the moon was covering the sun. Not to be seen again in my lifetime in Kansas City, I recognized the greatness of God.

My thoughts that Monday afternoon? The corona of the sun still showed with a glittering extra light just to the top right. Even in our darkest times, the Son (sun) still gets through. What’s happening in your life right now? Can this be a lesson we both can engrave in our minds?

God can turn darkness to hope. Micah 7:9b says it this way–The Lord will bring me out of my darkness into the light, and I will see His righteousness. (NLT) Feeling a bit down or in darkness today? Let our cheers go up to thank God for unseen answers in our lives.

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