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Hashtag: Stay Focused

One of the remnants of our family Christmas was watching a vlog created by my granddaughters–after interviewing all gathered, we were asked to view their vlog. The sixteen-year-old introduced herself and her cousin; the seven-year-old peaked into the picture and commented, “Hashtag, stay focused.” Most of us laughed and hardly recall anything else from their three minute show.

Later as I read numerous Facebook friends’ words for the year, focus kept coming to mind. Where could my life use some focus? Without hesitation, I knew that time management could. Just this month, my week was filled with a day long meeting, an evening evaluation meeting until 9:30 pm, two days of my part-time job in guest services at North Kansas City Hospital, plus a day of substituting for another ambassador (that’s also what we are called.) Saturday came. I felt overwhelmed, had a low grade temperature and ached all over. Perhaps applying this word of the year might have kept me from spending most of the next week in bed and ten days worth of antibiotics for double ear infections and virus. Yes, focus may be my best choice of Word of the Year.

Another remnant of Christmas lays on the bottom shelf of the glassed doors of my hutch. What is it? A beautiful green many-looped bow that was tied around my Bible; I’d used it for an example at Women’s Book Study. My point had been–consider God’s Word as a gift to each of us. The impact? Unless I untie the bow to open the pages–it remains an unopened gift. No gift do I leave unopened at Christmas; do you? An unopened gift might mean we either did not care about the gift or the giver. If God is to get His message to me, I must take the ribbon off, open the pages and read His Word. Boy, is that a place I can use some focus! The memory crosses my mind–several years ago, the teacher of my Small Group commented, “I read the Bible through each year.”

“Wow, that puts the two or three times I’ve read the Bible completely to a bit more than nothing,” I remember thinking. Talk about focus–my Google search shows me a plan to ‘Read the Bible Through in a Year in just fifteen minutes a day.’ Highlighted are a couple of Old Testament chapters, some days a Psalm and each day a couple of New Testament chapters.

Yes, I think my choice of Word for the Year-FOCUS is right for me, even if I simply start with time management and Scripture reading. I wonder, how else in 2019 will ‘Hashtag-Stay Focused’ give me blessings?

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