Encouraging others and understanding God’s work in ordinary lives continues to be my goal. My hope is to show some depth of Scriptural knowledge, an ability to sense God’s continual presence, plus to always live and speak  with a touch of humor. My two adult children and their spouses will sometimes convey their opinions about  my attempts…but I carry on! Please don’t ask me about my five grandchildren if you are not prepared to hear stories, see pictures, and learn just how wonderful they are.

God’s still teaching me when I bother myself to ‘see’ with His eyes. Multiple blessings of living for the Lord are mine–some I wished at the time I hadn’t had! Personal and family experiences added to twenty-five years of teaching Marriage & Family to nearly 2000 senior high school students have  allowed me to know firsthand, or at least more than I’d planned to know, about depression, infertility, perfectionism, attention deficit disorder, suicide, cancer, aging, grief, trauma, military service, parenting, grand parenting, elder care, and circumstances of daily life. Before you feel sorry for me–let me describe the happiness and joys that eventually have been mine. . .but you may not have the next eight or nine hours! Little did I know growing up on a dairy farm in northwest Missouri, gaining leadership skills in 4-H, or rummaging through my Grandmother’s book shelves what the future might hold.

Yes, I knew by third grade I wanted to be a teacher–little did I know that I would acquire a master’s degree in family life education,  facilitate children’s and young couples’ Small Groups,  and eventually work professionally in Outreach & Christian Education. Yes, I’ve had some honors–the two I’ve loved most are serving as West Central representative on the Missouri Women’s Ministry Leadership Team and  on the board of Heart of America Christian Writers’ Network. My writing has appeared in Home Life, Living With Children, Church Administration, Deacon Magazine, Special Events in the Church, Cup of Comfort for Mothers, I’ll Be Home for Christmas, Living the Serenity Prayer, Metro Voice–Kansas City’s Christian Newspaper, The Best Advice I Ever Got, The Gift of Prayer, 100 Great Ideas to Make for Christmas, numerous curriculums in Fashion & Family Life Education, Love is a Flame, Love is a Verb, and 101 Facets of Faith.

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